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+86 138 3816 5873

about us

Company Profile Speech From CEO Management Philosophy Social Responsibility

Founded in 2013, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-South Enterprise Co., Ltd, specializes of international export business for commercial & passenger vehicles, construction and agriculture machinery, spare parts and so on.

More Than One decade, We, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Mid-south Enterprise Co., Ltd , skip Over the Waves, Innovation, Pioneering Spirit, has Yielded Fruitful Results. Here, we Pay Close Attention and Thanks to All Levels of Government For a Long Time Concern and Support to The Development of Mid-south Enterprise, the Masses of Users, and Cooperation Partners and Friends From All Walks of Life.

Looking Forward, Advancing With The Times. With Our New Round Comprehensive Development Strategic Planning and Deployment, we Will Always Adhere to the "Focus, Concentration, Professional, Create Sale First-class Auto Brand" as Our Quality Policy, and Constantly Improve the Research and Development Ability and Perfect Management Mechanism. With Excellent Quality, Considerate Service to Meet User’s Requirements, to Achieve Our Strategic Objectives" Build the Base of Mid-south Enterprise, Create First-class Automobile and Construction Machinery Export Enterprises in China", and With the Majority of Users and Partners Hand in Hand, take to The Road of the Harmonious and Win-win Development!

The Practice of the Enterprise Has Proved that Only Development Can Make Survive, and Only Innovation Can Grow.

With New Round Comprehensive Development Strategic Planning, we Will Combine the New Practice, and Constantly to Strengthen the Construction of Enterprise Culture, adhering to the "Care, Innovation, Integrity, Value, development" as the Enterprise Philosophy, developing and Perfecting the Modern Enterprise Management System, with Scientific Management as the Guidance, Cohesion Force of Employees and Customers, Cooperate and Adhere to Marketing as the Leading, Development Direction of the Technical Innovation and Capital Operation as the Wings, Become Stronger and Stronger, For the Development of Chinese Automobile and Construction Machinery Market and the Comprehensive Construction Well-off and Harmonious Society to Make Our Due Contribution.