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+86 138 3816 5873

  • Dongfeng 4x2 2-10T Light Cargo Truck

Dongfeng 4x2 2-10T Light Cargo Truck

  • Chassis Dongfeng chassis
  • Engine Cummins and Yuchai engine
  • Loading capacity 2-10T

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Main Feature:

Chassis: Dongfeng chassis

Engine: Cummins and Yuchai engine

Loading capacity: 2-10T


Model E31-534 E31-535
Wheelbase(mm) 3300
Engine model Chaochai CY4102-C3D
Engine power(Kw) 80
Engine displacement(ml) 3756
Gearbox A100
Frame(mm) 188
Front/Rear axle(T) 2.5/3.5
Tyre 7.00-16
Payload(Kg) 4500
Curb weight(Kg) 2800
G.V.W.(Kg) 7300
Overall dimensions(mm) 5995×2090×2260
Length of the cargo body(mm) 4150 3800
Cab one and a half row one and a half row
Power supply(V) 24
Braking system air brake without spring
Steering system mechanical
A/C optional
Aluminum alloy rim optional
Central lock optional


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