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+86 138 3816 5873

  • Dongfeng EQ3120 6 m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

Dongfeng EQ3120 6 m3 Concrete Mixer Truck

  • Mixing Volume 4-6m3
  • Chassis Dongfeng chassis
  • Engine Yuchai
  • Hydraulic pump, motor Rexroth or Eaton

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Main Feature:

Mixing Volume: 4-6m³

Chassis: Dongfeng chassis

Engine: Yuchai

Hydraulic pump, motor: Rexroth or Eaton


Main Technology Specification
Product name 4-6m³DFConarete Mixer Model EQ3120GSZ3GJ
G.V.W(kg) 12000 Mixing capacity(m³) 1.96
Rated Weight(kg) 4200 Overall dimension (mm) 8000×2490×3750
Curb Weight(kg) 7605 Front/Rear tread(mm) 1250/2250
Cab Seats 3 Wheel Base(mm) 4200+4500
Appr./Depa. angel (°) 25/13 Max Speed(km/h) 85
Wheel (pic) 2    
Note Mixing Tank Volume is 4-6m³. Tank length is 7700mm and its wheel base is 4200mm
Chassis Specification
Chassis Model EQ3120GSZ3GJ Name of the Chassis Dump truck chassis
Brand Dongfeng Tire 10.00-20,10.00R20
Overall dimension (mm) 7400×2462×2690 Front/Rear tread(mm) 1940/1860
Appr./Depa. angel (°) 25/28 Motor Model YC6J190-33
Number of Spring Leaf 8/10+7 Motor Power(Hp) 140
Fuel Diesel Displacement(ml) 6494
Emission GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005


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