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  • Dongfeng KX 6x4 Tractor Truck
  • dongfeng tractor head
  • dongfeng truck

Dongfeng KX 6x4 Tractor Truck

  • Chassis Dongfeng
  • Engine Cummins engine
  • Gearbox FAST gearbox

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Basic Information
Model: DFH4250CX2
Drive form: 6X4
Wheelbase: 3300+1350mm Body length: 6.94 meters Body width: 2.55 meters Body height: 3.96 meters
Total traction mass: 40 tons Maximum speed: 120km/h
LDWS+FCWS system, driver evaluation system, engine brake, rear wall spoiler, electric flip, glass fiber reinforced plastic bumper, metallic paint, trailer ABS spiral, steering wheel Alcoa rim, longitudinal pattern tire, dual-chamber fuel tank, stationary Car heater, 180Ah maintenance-free battery; optional: mixed pattern of driving wheels, all-car Alcoa.

Engine model: Dongfeng Cummins ISZ520 51 Number of cylinders: 6 Displacement: 12.972L
Horsepower: 520 horsepower Output power: 382kW Torque: 2458N·m

Transmission parameters
Transmission: Dongfeng DT1425 DD Shift mode: manual reverse gear number: 2

Cab parameters
Number of passengers: 3 seats row number: half row

Fuel tank
Fuel tank/air tank material: aluminum alloy fuel tank/air tank capacity: 600L

Frame: 300×90×8mm front axle allowable load 7000kg rear axle description: double 440 single-stage rear axle
Axle allowable load: 18000 (two-axle group) kg, rear axle speed ratio 2.69, number of springs: 3/4

Number of tires: 10 tire specifications: 12R22.5


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